Parking Garages/Lots:

- Laz Parking/Binghamton Parking Authority 73 Collier Street
- State Street Parking Garage
- Water Street Parking Garage
- Parking along Conklin Ave right next to the Pedestrian Bridge
- Meters are free after 6p.m. and most cost $.25 - $.50/hour
- CVS has a small lot behind their 34 Court Street store. The adjoining 7 Hawley Street lot owned by the City has capacity for 54 cars. 

Free Parking:

- Columbus Park Note: The parking lot is not labeled and could belong to a business. Park at your own risk.
- Lisle Ave: Free two hour parking.
- Jay Street: Free two hour parking.
- Exchange Street, south of Susquehanna: Free two hour parking.
- Court Street, between Washington and Water Streets: Free one hour parking.

Also the City of Binghamton has compiled a similar list which can be found at:
Downtown Binghamton Parking Map